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    Readers, authors have lost their monopoly. Here you will find new methods of reading, writing, editing, and teaching, as well as talk about the philosophy of the book now that text is a visual artifact.

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The Talkies

In last week’s movie, the book got up and talked. In this week’s post, it gets up and talks, too. If your texts don’t look like this once they’ve been past an editor’s eye, why not? Aren’t we reading each other? Aren’t we reading our readings? Well, of course we are. That is how humans … Continue reading

The Book Gets Up on Its Feet and Talks

Well, here it is, a bit of fun, listening to the book have her say. She’s a young book. Got a few feathers. Been teetering on the edge of the nest for several days now. Cat’s gone in. ¬†Ok, sweetums…. (The Book flies away.) Watch for crosswires, baby!

As the Wind Blows the Year Away

Citizens! I am making a screen book for you. I should have sound added to it in a day or two, and then it will be here in its bell-bottomed jumpers and maybe hold your finger tight while you reach down to it. Right now, though, the wind is blowing the year away. I raked … Continue reading

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Somewhere along the way between what humans meant to say with words and what words meant to say with them, a literature sprang up in Northern North America. It was christened “Canlit” and it looked around and saw that it was good. Pretty soon, entire libraries were full of its testaments to the myth of … Continue reading

A Little Who’s Who

This is what people believed in the past: What we know now is that books wrote authors. It was the readers who wrote the books. But, wait, there was a catch. The readers were also books.

Welcome To Human Nation

For years you have been out in the cold as our agent among the books. We are shutting down our field offices. This is your invitation to come home under a complete amnesty. We have set up safe houses. Upon entry, you will all be given a human identity.     Welcome home, travellers. Now, … Continue reading